I briefly had 5 beagles..

We found 3 loose beagles in our neighborhood this evening. They didn’t have collars so we lured them into the house with treats. For 30 glorious minutes our house was bursting with wiggly sniffy beagle energy. My dogs thought they had died and gone to heaven. As we were leashing and harnessing them up to take to the vet to have their chips read, the owner knocked on the door, apparently directed by another bystander. We happily returned the mans delightful dogs (2 females and a male) and were gratified by how happy he was to have them back. But now I’m wistful, missing our new friends. I am filled with a sudden urge to hoard beagles. I wonder if he will bring them over for play dates…

2 thoughts on “I briefly had 5 beagles..

  1. Beagle cuddle puddle! That sounds like a dream come true. I don’t think my house could contain the energy of 5 beagles. It can barely handle one!

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