Riding off into the sunset

I don’t think its a secret I’ve been drifting away from this space. I guess the truth is that I no longer view myself as infertile. I view myself as voluntary child free. I walked away from 9 donor frozen embryos so I do feel that I chose my current fate.  I just don’t feel the draw to this space like I used to. My plate is full with school, nephews, dogs, work, husband, renovations, travel etc.I have moved on and I often feel like this space still anchors me to the “infertile world”. I did want to provide a ray of hope to those in the trenches that there is happiness in resolving child free but since I have emotionally moved on I just feel less drawn here. I’d like to think there are people out there who find my hum drum life interesting outside the context of infertility but I know that is the glue that holds my readers and I together. I want to say thanks to all my blog buddies.. you got me through some rough times. I will always appreciate the sense of community I found here. I will never forget you, despite the fact that we never met in person. I will still check in with those of you who still blog because I deeply care about all of you. Those that have resolved with parenting, I am sooooo happy for you. You deserve it. Those few of us with out kiddos, well, we are awesome. The world needs us…. We make the world go round… seriously. I have recently read the “Call the Midwife” books and I noticed that the nuns aka “child free” were the major players in decreasing the maternal and infant death rate in the East End of  London. Never forget how much we matter.  I love you all and I am truly happy and fulfilled. I wish the same for all, parent and non parent. Bless you all. 

One thought on “Riding off into the sunset

  1. I’ll miss reading your blog (especially the beagle updates!) but I can understand where you’re coming from. My blog is a way for me to process infertility…and you’ve done that. You made a brave choice that I’m sure will inspire others who come across this blog. Happy trails, my friend!

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