So much going on…

and not enough time to write about it all in detail…

Work is great, I’m loving my new job. There are challenges to be sure but nothing I can’t handle.

Jack got a new job with a school district so finally he will be getting better benefits, PTO and more regular hours.

My 8 and 10 y.o. nephews are in town visiting from California and staying with us on the weekends. This has definitely been a roller coaster (more on this later).

In addition frying my computer I came home last Thursday and found out my fridge had pooped out, we went without a fridge for a week. But I now have a new shiny fridge 🙂 

School is kicking my butt

It seems like there was more but I can’t remember….


Jack and the Boys

My nephews are in town and I love to watch how awesome my husband is with them. He is so patient and kind and a huge favorite with them. He spent 30 min with one of my nephews today teaching him how electrical circuits worked, it made me a little weak in the knees. There was a time when watching this would have filled me with sadness about how he would have made an amazing father and that I took that away from him with my infertility but these days I honestly can say I’m quite pleased with how things ended up. I may not have given him children but I gave him nephews (his only niece is 26) and because he doesn’t have children it frees up his energy to pour into being a great uncle. He’s happy and the boys are happy… and that makes me happy.

Been Awhile

I have two good excuses for how long its been. One I’ve started school again and am currently working on my research proposal. Yikes! Also my computer died.. I may or may not have spilled an entire gin and tonic on it….. I’ve been borrowing my husbands computer for school work but haven’t had a lot of free computer time, I’ve been keeping up with your blogs on my phone. It does make commenting a challenge. I’ve got lots to write about starting with my nephews from California being in town but I’ll have to write more later. Miss you guys