10/1/13 My name is Erin and I’m married to my soulmate Jack. I never believed in that mushy crap til I met him. I am passionate about gardening, nature, Volkswagens, beagles, home improvement, and last but not least alcohol in all its forms. Side note-If someone is passionate about food is a “foodie” does that make me an “alchie”? Our five year plan started in 2013 and will hopefully end with us setting up a little farm of our own and thus begin the great experiment that is self sufficiency. This blog will document our journey. Once upon a time this was an infertility blog about sibling egg donation so those issues may pop up occasionally. If you are interested in my infertility journey check out my posts from 2012

4/1/13 Update- We are currently not pursuing any fertility treatments after our failed donor cycle. We are trying out living and loving our life as it currently is. I guess you could call us Childless or Childfree but I like to think of it as going with the flow of life.

7/1/12 I’m 31 diagnosed with DOR. My husband is 32 and can fertilize hamster (and human) eggs like nobody’s business. We have been  TTC for over 2 years. Apparently my DOR is genetic, my grandmother went through menopause in her mid to late 30s. I had one IVF cycle in May, we ended up with 2 good quality embryos on the max dose of meds but possibly due to a difficult transfer caused by severe cervical stenosis we failed to get pregnant. We are now moving onto donor eggs from my youngest sister to increase our chances of success and increase our chances of a possible having a second child in a few years which may not be possible otherwise.

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  1. I am glad to find someone else that is using their sister as an egg donor. I have read all your posts, starting at the begining. So many of your concerns and fears mimic my own!

    • You don’t find many sister donor blogs. Glad you found mine. Ask me anything but it looks like I’m not that much further along in the process than you. I am sending you and your sister positive vibes. Ps I that you are from Corvallis. I love that area and want to move there in the next few years. Currently I’m stuck in Utah.

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