The opening of Pandora’s Box

We decided that since its been 3 years since our last cycle and we are more sure than ever that we are happily child free, that now was a good time to start the process of embryo donation. It was always the plan but we have really been enjoying our freedom from the infertility world. I certainly did not anticipate all that starting this process would entail, all the feelings that I thought were long gone, suddenly rushing back. The decision to start this was the easy part, we now have to begin the long slog of seeing it through to the end. The choosing a donor (because we don’t have the option to donate anonymously through our clinic), returning to our clinic (the sight of much grief and pain) and telling our families that we are forever walking away from any chance at having children. Also knowing our clinic they will make this process more of a hassle than it needs to be and more painful and expensive than it has any right to be. But after it is finally done we will really truly be free to move on, with out this one last issue hanging over our heads…

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