Done being infertile

That’s right, done. I am so tired of it taking over every aspect of my life. So as of today I no longer consider myself infertile. I consider my self open to life’s possibilities. Right now further attempts at parenthood are on hold indefinitely. If/when the time comes we would like to make another attempt (9 frosties) I will consider myself a person who likes to make babies the high tech way. Anything but infertile, i now officially hate that lable. My husband and I have been seeing a therapist extensively hoping to make peace with our path in life and she is helping me see that not knowing what the future holds can be exciting as well as scary. I am working on accepting the fact that life won’t turn out like I had planned but it doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Right now we are taking time off to recharge emotionally, physically and financially. We are giving the child-free life a chance and if the time comes to try again we will do so with the full acceptance it might not work and that making a baby isn’t our only iron in the fire (so to speak). I will likely be stepping away from this space but plan to keep up with the stories I have become attached to this year. Thanks for the support ladies, couldn’t have made it this far with out it. I hope you all get your hearts desires