Things have been pretty good lately..

I’ve been in my new job for 3 weeks now and so far so good. I love the schedule, no 430-430 shifts, and I am finding the work really interesting. I just got my first pay check which was great because we were finally starting to feel some effects from my 6 week unemployment. Overall I am cautiously optimistic about this situation and feel I could be pretty happy here.

With my new balanced schedule I have been going to the gym every morning. I have a new imperative because I feel that I have to practice what I preach and that going to the gym is part of my job. I think that’s been helping with the hot flashes and insomnia and evening out my hormones. Between that and sleeping better I have a lot more energy so physically things are going good too. I am a bit nervous about balancing everything when I start school back up in June but hopefully that will go smoothly as well.

The only down side is that Jack has been sick for the last 3 weeks first with the flu and then with a secondary sinus infection. It has sucked because he has been sleeping on the couch since then. Also the poor man has been training for a 100 mile bike ride in mid May but has been completely derailed.

I’ve decided to use password protected posts to talk about something exciting that has been in the works for awhile but I don’t want so share with the general public. I know it is a pain to email and ask for passwords so I am going to email it to my regular commentators so they don’t have to ask. If there are regular lurkers who would like to read a long I am happy to share as long as you have a blog or something that I can get to know you by.

PS  Willow has been pretty upset with me since I went back to work and is making sure I know it. She snuggles with my husband but stares at me the whole time to make sure I’m jealous. Its adorable.


11 thoughts on “Things have been pretty good lately..

  1. Hi, I’m one of those regular lurkers. I never comment because I don’t have a blog and feel that I therefore don’t contribute/reciprocate. I would understand if you do not want to give me the password but I do love reading your blog and would love to continue to read along.
    A bit about me: my name is Romy, I’m 28 and moved to Canada from the Netherlands 7 years ago (my husband is Canadian). We have a 10 month old son who was conceived through IVF after 2,5 years of TTC. This is another reason I don’t feel like I can contribute: we have had success. I still read all the blogs I started reading while we were TTC but now I feel that I am a fraud.
    So there you have it. It’s totally up to you if you are willing to let me read along or not 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m so glad things are looking up. I sure hope your hubby gets back on his feet soon. Aren’t our furry ones funny? There was a study done that said dogs don’t feel guilt, but anyone who has a dog would most likely disagree.

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