Big Changes


A beautiful view of the Delicate Arch from my camping trip this weekend



So I haven’t decided what to do about the privacy thing, but there is a particular topic I am dying to discuss but don’t feel like I should share with the whole world. I am still cogitating on my options..

On to the big news… I got the job I wanted. I’m really excited because its a fairly new role for nurses (thank you affordable health care act) and really focuses on improving quality of care and outcomes of patients with chronic diseases. The goal is to keep them healthy, help them manage their chronic conditions, keep them out of the hospital or from getting worse…and save money for the health care system. I have seen a need for such a role for a long time but the US health care system tends to spend most of its resources on people who are really sick, not preventing them from becoming that way. Did I mention I am also getting a pretty substantial pay increase as well? As in very substantial? That part was a surprise to me because we never discussed money until I got the offer. I was really just hoping not to take a pay cut. Its a good thing I’m getting a raise because I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. They want business casual and since I have only ever worn scrubs I needed everything. Seriously I had one outfit that I wore to interviews and that’s it. I have discovered that dressing ones self in something that isn’t tee shirts, jeans, husbands clothes, and hand-me-down scrubs is expensive, very expensive. I am exited though because I finally feel like I have a grown up job… its about time.


5 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Amazing news Erin! Sounds like the perfect job for you. I love working in public health…helping keep people out of the hospital instead of dealing with them once they are there! Way better! Now you have got me really curious about what topic you want to discuss! So jealous about your camping adventures! I think it will be awhile until we are back doing stuff like that!

  2. Love the delicate arch. Such an amazing National Park.

    Congrats on the new job!! AND a big pay raise?? That makes it even better! 🙂

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