Privacy Concerns

I have always considered my blog to be pretty anonymous since I don’t have a large internet footprint. I don’t facebook under my name or post photos, and here I only use first names and post the occasional photo. When you google me only 1 reference comes up if you use very specific search terms so I figure my internet privacy was pretty assured but I have overlooked a pretty obvious weakness… My blog is easily googlable by anyone who knows my email address. I dont post a lot of inflammatory stuff on my blog and most of the people I know IRL aren’t internet savvy enough to find this blog but I do want the option to protect my privacy if needed. I have 2 options: 1 is to get a new blog associated with a new email address only used for the purpose of my blog or 2 is to password protect certain posts as needed. I really prefer option 2 since I think it would cause the least disruption. So heres my question for my regular readers: How much would having password protected posts effect your reading experience? Would you feel awkward emailing me for a password? (I know I have felt super awkward myself in the past). My plan would be to use the tool only occasionally.

Let me know in the comment section how you feel about it..

PS: Did you know that my blog is the number 1 google result (besides the paid ads) when you google avocado bran muffins? I think thats kinda neat.


4 thoughts on “Privacy Concerns

  1. I’m not a huge fan of password protected posts. It’s annoying to email the blogger for the password. I use Option #1 myself and I think that it works out well.

  2. I would be fine emailing you for the password. Whatever works best for you! I hope you can get your job stuff sorted out soon but it sounds like quitting your previous job was definitely for the better! Your manager sounded like a real piece of work! Good luck in your job search…whether you end up back in nursing or not! Things are a total mess at my workplace too…I’ll only be going back half-time in June but I am really not looking forward to getting back into all the drama again! What is it with nursing?

  3. This is tough. I have only password protected one post, and I was emailed for the password by a tiny number of readers compared to normal. So you risk losing a lot of readers. (I’d probably email you, but could quite easily forget and realise six months later when it wasn’t possible any more!)

    Can you change the email you have that is related to this blog? I know I’ve had to set up a number of gmail address to ensure two of my blogs are kept separate (though mainly for commenting).

    Good luck on the decision.

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