Lately I’ve been getting into tiny house blogs. Watching people build tiny houses that fit on trailers is totally fascinating. I think it appeals to me because it’s kind of like having an adult fort, something about cramming yourself into 150 or so square feet just screams adventure. I’d like to think I could live in 150 square feet since it has been a dream of mine to live out of our VW bus since we bought it 3 years ago but in my heart I know with an overly large husband and 2 pesty dogs it would be impossible. My new dream house is a more reasonable 500 square feet courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny homes

Its super cute with the following floor plan:

The bedroom in the back would become a pimped out mudroom with a dog grooming sink, laundry and access to the bathroom. The whole room would be floor to ceiling linoleum with a floor drain so I could just spray the room clean. My solution to the dirt the comes with living on a farm (on a plus note, Jack says the grooming sink would also be awesome for beer making purposes…).

If the property we buy comes with a house we will make use of it, less wasteful that way but if not I really want this house. Jack is pretty handy so I know we could build it.  Sigh, just dreaming….


2 thoughts on “House

  1. I love it! I’m starting to think we are long lost soul mates. I’ve wanted a kitchen with a drain so I could just spray it down daily (I thought of that one summer when working in a marine lab) and aside from my books, I would love a small house. On a farm. Maybe with a separate root cellar, you know, for all my preserved foods in mason jars.

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