Dog food

So yesterday I had a small freak out when I discovered the very expensive and supposedly high quality dog treats (duck jerky) I had been feeding my dogs were made in China and causing deaths. I remember the scandal in 2007 where pet food was made with contaminated ingredients from China and I decided to research all the products I fed my pets. Even those claiming to be made in the USA had ingredients imported from China. China has a demonstrated history of exporting substandard and dangerous things to the US and this latest incident pushed me over the edge. I would be devastated if anything should happen to my babies so I decided to go China free. Finding such a pet food is no easy matter because even the high end dog foods rarely make their own food and therefore really have no idea what goes into it. And an article I read stated that even if the main ingredients are not from China the supplements are. I naively believed that if you didn’t buy the cheap crap that you were buying safe food.  My online research led me to Orijen which makes their own food and promises that none of their ingredients ever come from China. They have their own philosophy about dog nutrition and philosophies usually equal expensive. This case is no different, I just bought a 28 lb bag for 90 bucks! Holy crap…. But if that is what it takes to keep my pups healthy and poison free than so be it. I also decided I was going to make duck jerky for them at home. I know that for people with pets and kids it is often difficult to divide limited resources between them and that many people with kids couldn’t afford to feed their dogs such expensive dog food, but I’m just glad that we have that ability. I’m glad that I don’t have to decide between buying diapers and dog food.  Hopefully this food brings them a long and healthy life because when they pass away I will have 2 beagle shaped holes in my soul.


3 thoughts on “Dog food

    • Yea apparently thats very common. Only Orijen was willing to come out and promise not to use ANY ingredients from China. I even researched EVO in INNOVA. Apparently Blue Buffalo was involved in more product recalls than a lot of other cheaper brands…

  1. Seriously! The stuff from China is scary stuff. I used to feed Innova, and then they were bought by Procter and Gamble so now I feed Taste of the Wild, although I hear Orijen is good too. I just don’t have a reliable source here and of course my puppy is eating 4 cups a day!!

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