Doggy Mind Games



She looks so precious and innocent right? Well she is also apparently a master manipulator. Most of the time she can get what she wants by pointing her BBBE (Big Brown Beagle Eyes) at me and looking so sad but occasionally she still doesn’t get what she wants and I must be punished. Yesterday I had the audacity to clean the upholstery on her couch and kept her locked in the kitchen until it was dry. Miss Willow was not pleased… That night she wouldn’t have anything to so with me at all. Normally she is all about snuggling with her mom but last night she was all over my husband. I know this was to punish me because she normally barely tolerates him and she was snuggling up a storm with him, also she kept looking at me to make sure I was watching. I told her that her games wouldn’t work but as the night wore on with my husband and puppy snuggled happily on the other end of the couch and my lap getting colder and colder, I snapped. She broke me, I begged her to come back to me and told her I’d never shampoo her couch again. Damn dogs…


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