The Good Life

The Good Life or Good Neighbors (in the U.S) is a show that was originally aired on the BBC in the mid 70’s. Its about a couple in their late 30’s early 40’s (without children and from watching the show they are child free not by choice) who decide to quit the rat race and pursue a self sufficient life in their upper class suburb, much to the chagrin of their posh next door neighbors. My husband introduced me to the show a year or so ago and it has become my favorite show of all time. I want to do that, to quit the rat race and try and become self sufficient. The title of the blog, The 5 Year Plan is in reference to the plan we implemented at the beginning of 2013 to achieve that goal.

I briefly considered attempting to do what the Goods did, achieving self sufficiency in the suburbs but I really want to move out to the middle of nowhere. Thus the plan for the family compound began to take place, I don’t want to be completely alone and I have always been close with my family. My sister and parents are signed on and we want about 60 acres in the Willamette Valley to call home.  I picked the Willamette Valley because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have always longed to return and it has the perfect growing conditions for what I am interested in (berries, hops, etc). Right now we are in the pay down debt/save money/realign careers/fix up houses to sell phase of the plan and the goal just seems so far away. We achieved a huge part of the plan by selling our rental house this year and I am making good progress on my masters degree (to lead to a telecommuting job) but I need to do more to keep my eye on the prize. Luckily I came across this article which is a good way to feel like I am making progress toward my goal. I particularly want to focus on getting more physically fit (ie focusing on strength training and flexibility) and learning useful skills. Its hard right now because school is taking up a lot of free time but I also need to work on time management so I can accomplish more.  I think I am going to start including more posts detailing how I am preparing for the Good Life on this blog.


3 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. This is EXACTLY what I want to do. Interestingly enough, my longer term plan is to move to my parents property outside of Seattle 🙂 Good luck! Hope it happens sooner than 5 years for you!

  2. This is my husband’s idea of a perfect life! I’ll have to get him to start reading along. I can’t lie, it kind of scares me to think of it, but it’s cool to see how other people are making it work!

  3. I would SO love to do that. We are starting a little bit by digging up our lawn and putting in raised garden beds and I am learning to bake more and more things. Also going even more natural with cleaning products by making my own. Good luck with your goal. I really look forward to reading more about it!

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