We are currently anxiously waiting for the results of our FHA inspection. This is the most important stumbling block in the sale of our house. I’m not worried about it not passing repair-wise, I’m worried about the appraisal not matching the agreed upon price.  There isn’t a lot of comparables in the ‘hood and my county assessor undervalues properties about 20 thousand below market price which is good for taxes but bad for appraisals.  A bad appraisal could sink the deal.

Its late summer in the garden and we are currently harvesting 1-2 pints of raspberries every other day. I am in heaven. I love to go to the store, seeing how much they are charging for raspberries and think of all the money I am saving..

Speaking of harvests, the hop harvest is about to begin. It looks to be a bumper crop this year but there is a problem. I wrote a list on my old phone of which hop type I planted where. My phone died unexpectedly and I so now I only know the identity of one of my hop plants…. Since each type has different flavors and is added in different points of the beer brewing process its pretty important to know which is which… oops! (Jack is working on a way to identify them)

I finished my first 6 month term of my masters. I completed 43% of my course work which is almost double what I was supposed to finish. I’m kicking ass and taking names! I love school! 

Work still blows goats. Our next goal after selling the house is to sort out the job issue. I was going to wait until after I got my masters but I don’t think I can.  


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