Under contract!!!

There are two things I figured I would never see in my life, just because I wanted them so bad…. two pink lines and an offer on my house. But as of right now we are officially under contract for our house. I could not be more excited! Even though the offer is very reasonable we are talking a total bath on the house. We aren’t taking any money to the closing but we aren’t getting anywhere close to the 30000 down payment (not to mention the 9 grand roof) I put down when I bought it. Unfortunately I bought it in 2007 a the peak of the market just 6 months before the crash. Everything would have been fine except I met this guy, who also owned a house he bought at the peak of the market and the rest is history. However the roof debacle made the situation with the house clear, that it is time to stop throwing good money after bad. We have never made a profit on the rent (lost 100 bucks a month in fact) and although the house is well built it is also old and the roof is probably just the tip of that iceberg.  Plus there is the ever present danger of tenants doing damage or the need to evict them.  

Another factor that makes me happy is how much the soon to be buyer loves that house and the yard I put so much of my blood and sweat in.  I love that house and I am so excited that the new owner is going to love it too. Its such a good little house that it deserves that. She will take care of it unlike the tenants.  So I’m feeling pretty good. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the universe is finally extending me the hand of friendship but it seems to finally be offering a cease fire. 


7 thoughts on “Under contract!!!

  1. Congrats on getting an offer and being under contract! We are losing money every month on a condo out west. We try to sell it every couple of years (tried again earlier this year) but unfortunately my husband did pay too much for it. *sigh* Maybe someday…..

  2. How exciting. My husband and I also own a home that we bought at the height of the market. We also rent it out and lose about $100 a month. So I know what a relief this is for you. Enjoy this cease fire with the universe. You deserve it:-)

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