Fun with fermentation


In our former rental house (now on the market) our tennant planted pickling cucumbers. While we were over there last weekend taking care of the yard I saw them and thought “I can pickle that!” (Does anyone else love Portlandia as much as I do?) So I took them home and attempted to make homemade fermented pickles. All you do is make a salt water brine, cut up the cucumbers and put them in a clean jar, add spices (dill, garlic,mustard seed and pepper) to the jar, and pour the brine in. You have to weigh down the cucumbers so they stay submerged and wait 5 days for the fermentation to happen and the pickles to sour. I finally took down the pickles yesterday and tasted them. Too salty :-(. I need to make my brine less powerful. Good thing there are more cucumbers to practice on!


One thought on “Fun with fermentation

  1. That is one of the best Portlandia skits ever… when they show up in the couple’s bed — priceless! Congrats on the house sale, too — it makes such a difference when you know the next owner is going to take care of a place you feel so attached to…

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