Feng Shui

Don’t laugh but I’m working on Feng Shui-ing my house. When Jack and I were still doing fertility treatments we tried everything anyone could think of to get knocked up. Several well wishing friends prayed for us and gave us various fertility items from catholic medals to pagan fertility gods. Of course nothing helped but it felt good to be literally be trying everything (well almost everything, I never tried lucky socks because I HATE to wear them and only do when I’m at work or exercising).  Even though I am a bit of a skeptic I always tried the next thing people suggested to me. One friend suggested we feng shui our bedroom to make the energy in our room more fertile. So I bought a book, did extensive research, rearranged our bedroom, added certain items and decluttered the closet (which is very important in feng shui). I noticed a huge difference right away and I felt so much better about everything when I was in our bedroom, life was literally better in that one room of the house.

I think the thing I like best about the practice is that its based on the mind body connection, which I am a huge believer in.  As a nurse I have seen way too many examples of this to not believe in it.  I am also extremely sensitive to my environment and the energy present in the environment.  When our living room was under construction for 2 years it was a huge drag on my mood to walk in everyday and have that be the first thing I saw. So feng shui combines the mind/body connection and the energy in your surroundings, what’s not to like? I realize that putting a fish in a certain part of the room can’t make me have a baby but it can make me feel at peace and harmony in my environment.

I think the best thing about this overhaul is that I’m finally feeling free to explore my spiritual side which I have avoided like the plague since I was a young. I grew up in a somewhat repressive religion so all organized religion tends to leave a sour taste in my mouth. I have always associated spirituality with the practice of religion so  I avoided anything with the slightest hint of spirituality. My struggle with infertility really made me feel my lack of spiritual development. I’m finally coming to realize that embracing my spiritual side can mean many things and this project is really helping with that.


One thought on “Feng Shui

  1. I can totally tell when I walk into a room that “feels good.” What about it feels good? I have no idea, but it does. I know nothing about feng shui but if it works for you, that’s fantastic! I might just check it out and see if it helps me identify what specific things make rooms “feel good” to me : ) Best of luck!

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