Bad week

This has not been a great week. The roof cost has gone from 6500 bucks to 9000 bucks due to unforeseen complications and it won’t be ready to list next week. The roof issue has managed to drain all the savings we had built back up since stopping fertility treatments. I could cry. Things have been stressful at Jacks work. Several months ago the salesman at work was told they wanted to expand Jacks department (which consists of Jack) and to go out and get work. Jack and the salesman managed to get several big number jobs lined up and then management changed, and the new manager decided he didn’t want to expand Jacks department despite the wishes of upper management. The result? Way too much work for one man and some untrained temps and a lot of underhanded sabotage attempts being made by the new manager. Now that he is getting caught at it, he is blaming everyone around him. ¬†Everything came to ahead last week and now Jack gets to work even more overtime to catch up. In case you were wondering… the manager still has a job.

We are still grossly understaffed at my unit and training people is really stressful. Everything takes twice as long and twice as much effort. And my manager has still only filled 2 out of the 3 openings. She seems to be dragging her feet for some reason. The job interview was not great, I came off well and I think they really liked me but I realized I don’t want the job. Sigh. I honestly thought life would get more manageable after stopping fertility treatments and that I wouldn’t walk around feeling totally overwhelmed all the time but it seems like the universe has other plans. So far this summer sucks


4 thoughts on “Bad week

  1. On the bright side, there is always wine. And Coco Pops. Just not together. the universe is funny like that. But it’s nice of you to make your roof fixing man so rich…

    • Oh my god, you’ll never guess what I had for dinner last night…wine and fruity pebbles. No joke (I didn’t pour the wine on the cereal for the record). You are so in my head right now its scary.

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