Random Happenings

Life has been moving along lately..

  • My nephews are in town from California, my sister has 4 kids and it is definitely chaotic.
  • We celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday on the 4th and are planning a weekend getaway this weekend.
  • I have an interview on thursday for a nurse educator job. Frankly I’m surprised I got an interview since I haven’t finished my masters yet so my hopes aren’t that high.
  • We just shelled out 6500 bucks to replace the roof of our rental and soon-to-be-on the market house. Fingers crossed it sells fast and we get our money back.
  • Work continues to be crazy for the both of us. Still short staffed, still working too many hours.
  • We survived the “Great South West Heat Wave” but the summer isn’t even close to over so we have 2.5 more months of yucky hot weather to get through.

Thats it for now. Hopefully we can make it through the summer in one piece, work will calm down and we sell our house.


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