Sick Puppy

This morning I came home from work to puddles of very bloody diarrhea and a lethargic shaking Willow. I call the vet in a panic, describe the horrific scene and she tells me she has an appointment at 415 or 5..which would I like? I less than calmly informed her that I would be right in, I would not wait until 415 thank you very much. At the vet I was told she had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis and was going into shock (from blood loss). They admitted her for fluids, steroids and antibiotics and sent me home. I googled this and found hundreds of stories about how it came on suddenly and their dog died. Apparently the “don’t google rule” applies to dog health as well as infertility and pregnancy. I am just so worried about my baby, I trust my vet to fix her but I’m still worried. This is the same dog that ate her weight in dryer sheets in November, so this is her second hospitalization in a year. Sigh

This is my favorite pic of Willow EVER

This is my favorite pic of Willow EVER


8 thoughts on “Sick Puppy

  1. Poor little buddy! I’m SO GLAD you did not wait until 4 or 5, too. We know when our babies need prompt attention. I’m keeping all good thoughts for Willow and hoping she starts improving right away.

    • Vet says they don’t really know what causes it but he personally thinks its caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria. It kinda makes sense because they stopped making the probiotic she was taking and we just switched to a different one. Food sensitivities are another possible cause. But apparently death can happen hours after the diarrhea appears, so scary…

  2. Oh no! Poor Willow! I’ll be sending out lots of good thoughts that the vet can help her and that she’ll make a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated.

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