Gone Fishin’

Yesterday I went on my first ever fishing trip. I caught two pretty good sized rainbow trout that we are going to smoke. My husband got one too. Yea! I think this could be a new hobby for me.  Following the Mediterranean Diet means eating more fish and fresh inexpensive fish is hard to come by in stores so we decided to catch our own. Jack used to fish a lot many years ago but he stopped going when he lost his fishing buddy so I became his new fishing partner.

It took us a little time to find a good spot, the first reservoir we tried was full of jet skis, speed boats and rednecks blaring the worst country music of all time. It made it hard to commune with nature and scared away all our fish. So we went farther out to a much more remote lake and the fishing was great. We saw so much wild life too. We saw cranes, pelicans, deer (one we almost hit with our car!!), and even a bald eagle. We were only at this spot for 4 hours but we caught 3 trout in that time, think about how many we could of caught if we had been there all day…. I tried my hand at gutting my own fish but I kind of butchered them so my husband had to step in but I’ll keep trying. I can really see this being a new hobby. Its sitting in peaceful nature relaxing interspersed with the occasional exhilaration of a catch.  Plus you get to take home delicious fish!

Not the best picture of me but check out those fish!

Not the best picture of me but check out those fish!


5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Well done! I’m one of those pansies who eats fish but is too much of a wuss to catch and gut them myself. (I think I have PTSD from my ichthyology course.)

  2. Whoa! Nice haul, lady… and that lake DEFINITELY looks pretty remote; not a single other person in sight. So beautiful. I’m one of those horrible people who eats meat and fish but could never hunt or go fishing myself out of squeamishness and guilt. I think it’s amazing, though, if you can catch and prepare your own food, and fish is SOO healthy, too. My husband once caught a fish near Toronto, but it was recommended that we not eat it because the waters may be too contaminated. So sad. 😦

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