Drinking and cacti (the conclusion)

DSCF2910 DSCF2917 DSCF2914 DSCF2908 DSCF2893 DSCF2890 DSCF2856Sorry to go so long between posts but things are a bit crazy right now. School is really heating up, we are down 1/3 of our staff at work, we are refinancing one of our houses and attempting to sell the other (the rental) and Jacks been working overtime too.

Part 3

The next day I woke up and I really had to pee. I jumped up and opened the sliding door on the bus a little too vigorously and it fell off. Thats right the door just fell off. The noise woke Jack up and he sprang in to action. After a good 30 minutes of wrestling with a 100 pound door we managed to get it back on the track but we had nothing to keep it there, all the jostling from the terrible roads had shaken a few screws loose and they were long gone. Did anyone ever participate in that science competition in grade school where you were given an item to produce or task to perform with a limited amount of stuff like pipe cleaners and styrofoam cups? It was like that. We had limited tools and Jack searched all over the bus to find supplies, he even stole a screw from a out house but to no avail. Nothing would work until I suddenly remembered a barbed wire fence we had hiked past yesterday. Armed with a pair of make-shift wire cutters Jack set out to “harvest” some of the fence and we used it to tie on the door. All before breakfast I might add.

We packed up the campsite and made plans to stop in a near-by town on our way to Joshua Tree National Park to find real parts to fix the door. We all piled in the bus and headed out, but we didn’t get far. Right outside of the campground we heard the sound that strikes fear into any right thinking person…metal on metal. Shit! Jack got out and went under the bus, he came back out covered in transmission fluid. We had popped loose a seal in the transmission and the only way to fix it was to drop the engine. With the metal on metal sound we had no idea how much damage was done or how far we could make it. So we pulled back in to the campground, swallowed our pride and called for help. His parents would grab his Tahoe, rent a trailer and come pick us up. We were stranded in the campgrounds  for 2 and a half days while we waited for the rescue to arrive.

There wasn’t much to do, there was one nature trail near by which had a beautiful cacti garden, so thank god we had stopped at Trader Joes in Vegas and had stocked up on beer and wine. We spent most of the time reading, relaxing and drinking. Not the vacation I had envisioned, we didnt visit any of the national parks we had planned, but it was nice and relaxing anyway. The best part of the vacation happened after we had loaded the bus up on the trailer and were leaving the campgrounds. We came upon a golden eagle (sooo gorgeous) eating a road kill bunny. He sat there and ate the whole thing, refusing to leave the road and staring at us defiantly until he had finished. My camera was in the bus on the trailer and I couldn’t get to it…damn.


5 thoughts on “Drinking and cacti (the conclusion)

  1. Oh man, definitely not the vacation you had planned! Everyone I know who has a VW bus seems to have stories like this! Glad you were able to relax a bit though! I love the picture of your pup in the sunglasses. How cool that you saw a golden eagle. I love eagles…I get to see lots of bald eagles around here but would love to see a golden one day!

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