Thoughts on the Mediterranean Diet and Crazy Dogs

So Jack and I have been doing the Mediterranean Diet for a few weeks and I must say that I can feel a big difference. I feel that my energy levels have gone way up and they are more even through out the day. After wracking my brains I’ve decided that the increase in fat is the key. Before I ate a diet either low in fat or high in animal fat, when I was being bad, but the increase in healthy fats had made a big difference. My increase in wine intake (woot, woot) has helped curb my sugar cravings. I’m working on a post with my favorite recipes done Mediterranean diet style. A sneak peak…mashed avocado with olive oil on toast for breakfast is my husbands favorite!

School is moving a long. Next week I’m going to be working on my first literature search and APA formatted paper in 10 years… I’m a little nervous.

Lastly I’ve been dealing with high maintenance dogs. Willow, the neurotic one had a mental breakdown Sunday night. She was panicking and obsessively licking things (last time this happened she ate her weight in dryer sheets and needed surgery) so I ended up staying up with her all night to make sure she didn’t eat anything bad. Poor baby, I’m not sure what set her off but she is doing better. I am thinking about starting her on an anti-anxiety med but I hate pills. However since they don’t have talk therapy for dogs I might have to consider it. Sleepless nights and I don’t mix. Honestly it gave me second thoughts about procreation but the jury’s still out on that one. Sometimes I wish I had a clear answer.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Mediterranean Diet and Crazy Dogs

  1. I tried it for a while and I think I nearly gave myself avocado poisoning. Moderation is not my thing. It did make me feel better though and I’ve kept relatively high levels of avocado and olive oil since… oh your poor little pupster, I hope she gets some good meds and is better soon, give her a little nose rub from me.

  2. Mmmm. The avocado on toast sounds yummy. Looking forward to hearing more about the diet!

    Poor Willow. 😦 Have you ever tried Rescue Remedy with her? I’m not sure if it would work for her level of anxiety, but it might be worth trying first if you’re reluctant to put her on meds.

  3. That sounds like my kind of diet! Wine and avocados…yum! Aw, poor Willow, hope you find a solution for her anxiety, even if it means meds…at least she (and you!) will be able to cope better.

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