Nothing really exciting is happening…

Things are moving along pretty good. I’ m almost finished with my first class. I think my speedy progress can be attributed to 2 factors. One, it’s not really a graduate level class, it’s a class they use for the whole nursing school with a slight focus on masters prepared nurses to make it specific so the material isn’t that challenging and since I’ve been a nurse 10 years I know a lot of this stuff already. The second factor is that I spent 2 weeks before I officially started classes working on the class off and on to get a little ahead. I looked ahead at my next class and the difficulty definitely goes up a notch or too.

The husband and I decided to follow the Mediterranean Diet plan. All the hype in the New England Journal of Medicine convinced us. Our diet is mostly along those lines anyway but we need to decrease our dairy and increase the fish in a major way. Also the diet recommends 4 tablespoons of olive oil per day, 1/4 cup of nuts per day, and at least 7 glasses of wine a week. That’s right at least. This is my kind of diet.

We’ve been discussing all the plans we have for this summer and fall and so far they don’t include any baby making stuff. I ran out of birth control and have been too lazy to see my doc for more but I have zero hope of anything happening. I just take the birth control to regulate my wacky hormones. I really go back and forth about the idea of just packing it in all together and living child free. Life would certainly be simpler and I do have my nephews who need me. Right now the pendulum has definitely swung in the child free direction. Who knows?


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