Let’s Talk Vacation

Let the countdown begin, its less than 2 months til my long awaited and long deserved vacation. Its all I’m thinking about right now, well that and school. The plan is to go down south to California and visit Death Valley National Park, Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park.  I’m particularly excited about this itinerary because we can bag 2 more national parks for my bucket list. (My 2 travel bucket list items are to visit all the national parks and to visit all the continents including Antarctica). It will bring my percent visited up to 25 %. I love it when recreation and accomplishing goals go hand in hand!

Mojave National Preserve is home to the largest Joshua Tree Forest and Cinder Cone National Monument (Cinder Cones are mini volcanoes) plus since its a national preserve instead of a park the dogs are allowed on the hiking trails. We are only planning on driving through Death Valley since it will be so hot in late April. Guess we will have to see if Joshua Tree National park has any dog friendly trails.  I am nervous to take the dogs since it will be Willows first camping trip. I have visions of her howling all night at every little noise. That would not be cool. I plan on asking the vet to give her some sleeping pills for the occasion since benadryl doesn’t work on her. Also I wont take her tent camping (way too much noise) so I really hope Jack can get our VW camper up and running again. Lately its had the tendency to die and then restart 5 min later. I really don’t ant to deal with that on a long trip.

I just cant wait. So glad to be getting back to doing what I love. mojave

source nps.gov website


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Vacation

  1. Oooooh, Death Valley sounds really interesting… and I went camping with my Great Dane and he howled all night, so we brought him into our tent with us and he quited down. Woke up to find his his top half had sneaked down into my sleeping bag during the night… waking up to a Great Dane’s backside in your face is not the best start to the day 😉

  2. That sounds like a perfect vacation. Hope Jack is able to get the VW up and running! We have friends who had similar issues with their VW…they had planned to drive from Vancouver down to San Diego, camping their way down and only made it 10 minutes across the border before their van died (and never did restart!)…at least it happened there so they could just call a friend to come rescue them! Hoping you have better luck and the issues can be sorted out before you start driving! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog- it’s always nice to find fellow crazy dog people. 🙂

    One of my life goals is to see as many National Parks as possible and to visit all 7 continents too! I’m not getting very far on the NP list since we no longer live out west, but hopefully it picks up again.

    Joshua Tree is an awesome NP- been there a couple of times. I drove through Mojave and actually got stuck on the side of the road because I had pulled over to take a picture (the cars sink in the sand). A ranger and another car that drove by had to help me out. Lesson: don’t pull over to take a picture when you have a heavy rental car! 🙂

    Have fun planning your trip!

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