I decided to blog again

I miss writing in my blog but I’ve decided to shift the focus to moving on from infertility.  That doesn’t mean we are giving up on the idea of having a family but it does mean an acceptance that  we may never achieve  our goal.  I am okay with that now… really, I swear.  I have come to terms with that and I want to focus on the process of moving on. The title refers to our 5 year plan to pay off student loans, hopefully build equity in our 2 houses, finish school and change jobs, and change our lifestyle, all in preparation to ditch it all and move to my future hippie compound in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Why Oregon you ask? Well I looked in my Sunset Western garden book many years ago and determined it had the perfect climate for everything I want. Plus I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and long to go back there. The icing on the cake? My donor sister (who I currently live next door to) and her husband are one board to come with!

I am excited for what life has in store for me, children or not. I cant wait to move on to the next chapters of my life. I wont be writing much about fertility treatments as the soonest we may cycle again is in June so I understand if people don’t want to follow this blog. I’m mostly writing for me. Blogging was the best I have ever done at keeping a journal so here goes….


9 thoughts on “I decided to blog again

  1. I’ve lived in the Willamette Valley my whole life. I love Oregon! That’s awesome that your sister and husband are wanting/willing to move too.

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