Thanks for the heart attack

So my $%#*+^ clinic sent me a bill asking for an additional 3600 dollars (we’ve already paid them over 18000, 5000 more than they originally told us) and I lost it. We were told that freezing the embryos would only be 1000. Needless to say I flipped out, a lot. It was ugly. Today I called freaking out on them and their cheerful response? “sorry that was a mistake, you pre paid that, disregard” This is the second I think brennon set it to B064hirst but i’m at work right now so no netflix k?fucking time they have done this. I am so close to firing them for good but I need my doc because he knows my cervix. Thanks for the heart attack assholes!


4 thoughts on “Thanks for the heart attack

  1. Gah! I’ve been dealing with that too! I keep getting bills for everything that we’ve done so far, that our loan was SUPPOSED to have paid for. It’s so frustrating. Don’t they realize this is a stressful process already without them adding to it? Hopefully they got it all straightened out for you.

  2. Nuts! That money is painful enough the first time that you certainly don’t need them reminding you about it! They should NOT make these kind of mistakes. They do know who they are dealing with and our hormones are not stable. LOL I nearly killed the printer today.

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