Look what I did!


I put in this snazzy new dog proof floor all by myself! No help from my handy husband. Sure I almost cut my thumb off but it’s all mine! Jack did do the trim but it’s not as nice as the floor. Its a vinyl floating floor that fits together with sticky strips much like click lock laminate. It was very easy.

Other exciting things I did this week

Made an orange cardamom pistachio cheesecake

Bought a new mattress set, a tempurpedic! It was pricy but insanely comfortable. Cost as much as a FET but it really has improved our sleep.

Had a nice quite thanksgiving and only drunkenly cried once.

Bought more vinyl/wood flooring at black Friday for 99c a yard

Got our Christmas tree

Okay it seemed when I started this post it would be a little longer but that was my week in a nutshell. Gotta go get those Christmas decorations up


11 thoughts on “Look what I did!

  1. Well done with the floor! And I’m glad you still have your thumb. We are in desperate need of a new mattresss…will have to look into the tempurpedic….and seriously, ” orange cardamom pistachio cheesecake”…sounds amazing!

  2. Way to go putting in that flooring all by yourself! I’m not sure I would trust myself to do that without any help from my hubby. You rock. πŸ™‚

  3. Are we all doing home improve projects? I have been painting and I find that taking on a project does something for me…. I don’t know if it’s just a distraction or the fact that I have control over it. Either way, your floor looks great and you’re way ahead of me on decorating : )

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