Nervous breakdown… Not me, the dog (updated)

Yes it’s true, someone in my house finally had a nervous breakdown. Not me (surprisingly), not my long suffering husband, it’s my poor sweet neurotic dog Willow.

A little background on Willow: We rescued Willow from a puppy mill in May, right in the middle of my first IVF cycle. Blame it on hormones but when we got the call about a 5 y.o. beagle who was going to be put to sleep by the puppy mill if they couldn’t find a home for her, I said yes right away. When we picked her up she was so terrified of humans that she sat in her crate for 2 days shaking. Thankfully soon after that she began to warm up to us (especially her mommy and our other beagle). She was the best distraction in the world during the IVF and the best, snugly consolation prize when we got our BFN. This last cycle she was my faithful bed rest buddy and never left my side.

However Willow has a few flaws. She is fearful of strangers and prone to anxiety. Since she spent her first 5 years in a cage making babies she was very difficult to potty train. She was making some progress but still having frequent accidents in the basement (or her den). We decided to rip up the carpet and throw away the couch down there and replace the floor with dog proof flooring. On Saturday we ripped everything out and by Sunday it was apparent she was no longer having accidents in the house.

Sunday night she woke us freaking out and compulsively licking things (the floor, the bed, the sheets, etc). We had a hard time calming her down and she woke us up several times. Monday night was the same but worse. Tuesday I was home so the dogs didn’t go to daycare and I left them home for 2 hours while I went to the store. I came home to piles of vomited up objects (a dryer sheet, frog tape she pulled off the door frame). I took her to the vet and he gave her something for anxiety.

Last night she puked up green fuzz and I noticed a hole in her dog bed. The filling was green. This morning she puked up her dinner undigested. An x ray showed her belly way distended and full of a fuzzy substance (the stuff was packed in there for it to show up on x ray) and a carpet staple (must have been a stray from saturday). So my baby has to have surgery to remove it all to keep it from clogging her intestines. I feel terrible, it’s all my fault for upsetting her and I feel worse for not seeing the hole in the dog bed. Poor baby.

8 thoughts on “Nervous breakdown… Not me, the dog (updated)

  1. Poor baby!

    It’s not your fault, you are the angel that has given her a doggie bed in the first place. She’ll come out of it good as new!

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