Life goes on

It’s been a busy week. We started our basement gut job and it’s moving along nicely. We are hoping the living room/basement overhaul will be done before Christmas. It’s taken us a year and a half on this project. It’s been a total gut job, we stripped down to the studs, but I still think it would have gone faster with out adding fertility treatments to the mix. After this the next project is the bathroom but we will be taking a home improvement break. And likely extending our baby making break. It will be nice to have nothing on our plates for awhile.

In the same spirit I have decided to pass on the promotion at work. My boss has been pressuring me but in the end her time table is unrealistic. She wanted to leave her post by Jan 31st. It just isn’t enough time to learn all the state regulations, the complex water system, and all the managing responsibilities to the point where I can be left alone to handle it all. Also add the fact that I work at the largest dialysis center in the system and possibly the state. I would probably have said yes if I could have started at a smaller facility. I have been feeling on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the better part of a year and that just might push me over. I want to focus on my mental break, bringing fun back into my life and marriage and actually have a garden again next year.

I know my mom is disappointed that I didn’t accept but I’m just not ready. I’m only 31 which is very young for a nurse manager in the health care system I work in so I don’t think this will be my only opportunity. Also my boss is now reconsidering leaving. I hope she stays, shes been great.

We decided to go on a camping trip over Thanksgiving weekend to Goblin Valley State Park. We have never been there and unlike the many national parks here, we can actually take the dogs. We used to do this kind of thing a lot but not so much this last year, hurrah for adventure!



5 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. I have a friend who works as a teaching assistant. She is constantly being told that she should train as a teacher because she would be really good at it. But she just smiles and says she is happy where she is. They get by on her wage and she loves her job, and in the evenings, instead of planning she gets to tend to her amazing garden. People don’t get it though.

  2. Glad to hear you and your husband are able to focus on some non-baby-making things. Also happy that you feel good about your decision to not take the promotion. Moving from the hospital to the community definitely helped my mental health…I was definitely on the verge of a breakdown when I was on my crazy peds floor. Hoping these next few months give you lots of rest and rejuvination!

  3. Sounds like you made the right decision about the promotion at work. I can feel the calm and relief through your post. Way to go! I know it’s not easy to turn down an opportunity like that.

  4. No job out there pays enough to buy your happiness, sanity, and health (at least not that I know of, if you find it, let me in on the secret, okay?).
    Plus, a state park where you can take dogs? Yes, please. That sounds like a great escape. Hope you have a great time!

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