My ghost story

When I was a brand new nurse (many, many years ago) I worked on the pediatric cancer/bone marrow transplant unit. An unfortunate part of my job was taking care of and getting attached to children that eventually died. I met R when she was 4. She was a firecracker red head who would yell at you in spanish when she didnt like what you were doing.

She had been diagnosed with leukemia and I took care of her often during her struggle. I was impressed with how sweet and mature she was but also how she stood up for herself. R was wise beyond her years and very verbally gifted. Unfortunately as we all know, life isn’t fair and R didn’t live to see her 6th birthday. She passed away peacefully in a room on our unit.

Several months later the stories started. The stories were all basically the same and told by 3 separate families staying in the room R had passed away in. Stories of a little red head girl named R (not a very common name) who visited the child in their dream. She introduced herself and told the children not to worry, that it would all be okay. She comforted them in the dream. She appeared to be about the age of five and visited each child in that room during times of very serious illness.

Before I heard these stories I refused to believe in ghosts, but these stories occurred months apart and were told by 3 different families who didn’t know R and didn’t know each other. The stories were so similar and fit R to a tee. If anyone would come back to offer comfort to a fellow sick child it would be her. I’m still not sure what my beliefs about an after life are but this experience is hard to discount.


5 thoughts on “My ghost story

  1. Whoa, crazy. I don’t have any ghost stories like that. What kind of nursing do you do now? I worked in Peds too when I first started but now work in the community.

    • I was a peds nurse for 3.5 years; an adult cancer nurse for 5 years; and I’m a dialysis nurse now for the last year. I’ve always wanted to be a public health nurse but they have very few jobs in the states for that field.

  2. I’ve heard of people visiting others in their dreams before – even experienced it myself! I’m so sorry R passed away but it’s so amazing she’s helping others.

  3. I believe in things like this; they’ve happened to me before. On more than one occasion.

    R sounds like a pretty special little lady. 🙂

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