Embryo update

I’ve got 9 in the bank, the other 3 stopped growing. I feel strangely sad about this, I should just be grateful for the 10 embryos we got (2 more than I had calculated on and wayyy better than our first) But I am sad, the more embryos in the bank the better, they made me feel safe. Logically the quality of those embryos would have always been suspect if they had made it to freeze since they were slow in developing. I am grateful of the 9 on ice though, I can’t believe we have been so fortunate. I have a 50/50 chance here and I have never had that high of a chance before. This is it!!!


9 thoughts on “Embryo update

  1. Nine is a great number! We had eight frozen embryos, thawed two for our FET, and at least one of those stuck! Glad you have some embies for future rounds if needed. It was such a relief for me when we heard we had some as “back up.”

  2. Nine on ice is amazing! I understand your sadness about the three that didn’t make it, though. All of them are potential children to you and of course you would mourn them not making it.

    Sending you lots of good thoughts. I think your chances are fantastic. πŸ™‚

      • I TOTALLY don’t think you sound whiny, just to be clear. You started with 17 embryos so to end up with 10, that means 7 stopped growing, you are allowed to feel bummed about those 7! That’s normal!

      • Oh I didn’t think you thought anything of the sort, no worries. But I do feel slightly guilty whining about my 9 embryos when others have not been so lucky. Plus I do think the me from IVF # 1 would have told me to buck up buttercup and be grateful for what I’ve got. I’m not as nice as you ;-). I really hope I didn’t offend you with my earlier comment. I was trying to come off light hearted.

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