Transfer day

Today was our transfer day. We decided to go with a single embryo this time because we made it to a day 5 transfer. Plus apparently donor cycles have an even higher chance of multiples (50% vs 40%). We’d like a calm peaceful singleton pregnancy if possible. We also found out we still had 13 embryos left 10 excellent quality blasts and 3 morulas. So we will freeze 9 today and keep an eye on the other 3.

The transfer also took much less time, last time they took an hour and a half to get the catheter in, not including the break we took to fill my bladder more. This time they grabbed my cervix and pulled it straight (they numbed me first, but yea that hurt) and the catheter went right in. Then they put in my blast (who I have decided is a boy apparently as I called it a him).

Then I scarfed a Carl’s jr turkey burger that I was craving so bad (which is strange since I almost never eat meat) and curled up with my lazy beagle. I slept so hard I ended up drooling on her.


Willow is in lazy beagle heaven. 3 whole days of bed rest! Ps those aren’t my crazy long legs, they are the hubs. He took the day off to wait on me hand and foot. So spoiled!


5 thoughts on “Transfer day

  1. Yay for transfer day! Praying for you that your embryo is super sticky and that you keep your sanity during the 2ww! And what a sweet hubby you have to take the day off to wait on you. 🙂

  2. I’m going to eat your dog.. I love me a beagle. And I’m sure he/she deserves some drool.

    Yaay! I feel GOOD about this. That embryo will surely snuggle in nicely what with all the beagle naps. who wouldn’t?

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