Plugging along

It’s been awhile since my last post. Life has been busy, we’ve been pushing the renovations, I’ve been working a ton, and we even had a sick puppy scare today. The lupron makes me grumpy and antisocial. I’m starting to feel a little better since the dose was decreased to 5 iu. Good enough to have one last fling with the girls before entering the world of responsible adulthood and parenthood. We had a good time but man was I hung over.

My sister had her baseline ultrasound today. I had a mild freak out when her antral follicle count had decreased from 35 to 14 (same # as mine) but they explained she was just suppressed on the lupron and her ovaries should perk right up. Her med doses are half of what mine were. Also 3 different people told her how amazing what she was doing for me was. It made both of us uncomfortable. We come from a family where helping each other is just what you do, no fanfare, no gushing just helping each other and knowing if you need them they have your back. That’s how we roll. I have helped my sister out many times is difficult times and I never once felt the need for thanks. Now whenever people find out what we are doing they start to tell her how amazing she is and look to me to join in. But I don’t, because saying she is amazing is shallow and does nothing to describe the bond we have. She’s not amazing, she’s family. That’s all that ever needs to be said.


5 thoughts on “Plugging along

  1. Glad to hear an update from you! Sounds like things are going well with this cycle, even though you had a mild scare. Your clinic seems on top of the situation, which is definitely good.

    Good luck!!

  2. You are so right about your comment about family. Yes, it is what should be done, but most people aren’t that lucky. I wish I had a family as amazing as yours. I can not wait fOr you to have your own family! Less than two weeks! I can’t believe it!

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