Now it’s all happening at once

We spent so much time waiting for this cycle and now it is officially here! Yesterday I got my calendar with dates and spent all day talking to brokers and banks to get money lined up (it’s due on sept 12 but for some reason I thought I had more time than I really do) Today I requested my time off and it was approved (my boss is great I just hate my job) and my meds were ordered yesterday and are already in. For some reason mine were covered by insurance (hell yea) and they gave me the price on my sis’s meds……1597! Waaayyyy cheaper that mine. Mine were 4 grand. My psych appointment is Monday, my cervical dilation is Friday and I start lupron on sept 2 nd. Egg retrieval will be around October 5, embryo transfer October 10. Aaahhhh I am getting soo excited and nervous all at once!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Now it’s all happening at once

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading after a crazy weekend and not feeling well for a few days.

    I’m so thrilled to read how happy and excited you are for this cycle and how things really seem to be coming together. : ) Good luck! Thinking of you!

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