Long overdue updates

I havent posted in a week because we’ve been in a holding pattern waiting to see what is going to happen with the cycle. The donor coordinator who was awesome and friendly and on top of things went out of town shortly after we spoke for the first time and I have since been stuck with the crappy donor coordinator. The one who never remembers me when I call, the one who asks me EVERY time if I’m on birth control, the one who every time I ask a question about my plan of care tells me to talk to my doctor. Hello aren’t you supposed to be my link to the doctor? Yes, that one. Anyways the great news is that my sisters thyroid problem is a non issue, I have been silently freaking out about it since last Thursday worried about the delay it might cause. But after further testing she just needs to watch it but can donate.  We can finally schedule a lupron start date!!!

I am hoping to have egg retrieval around Oct 8th but that depends on when my doc is available to do the transfer. He wants to be the one who does it. Apparently he changed his mind about the multiple cervical dilations.  Instead I get one, which I have to take cytotec before (a drug they use for missed miscarriage) followed by another mock transfer. My only worry is that it will close before the real transfer like it did last time.  Maybe he can stick a cork in it until the time comes! I am sooo excited that this is actually going to happen. I have been so worried it wouldn’t ever since the appointment where my doctor was doubtful that my sister would make a good donor. Hopefully I hear from the coordinator today about my start date!!!

Also I have my Psych appointment on Monday. Per the advice of my mother I am going to say as little as possible and won’t mention my childhood so as not to look crazy…. I will leave you with a picture of my dog pouting in the dragon costume I made her wear for Halloween last year.



8 thoughts on “Long overdue updates

  1. Great, it sounds like things are rolling along nicely, I hope you get your start date soon so we can all start looking forward to it. Your dog looks less than impressed with being a dragon, but soooo cute.

  2. Yeah! So excited for you that things are moving along! Our cycles are going to be happening very close together. Hopefully this will be it for us! Your dog is adorable as a dragon. I dressed my cat up as Santa Claus one year…well, lets just say that cats don’t do costumes well…

  3. Glad to hear things are moving along but sorry you have to deal with the crappy donor coordinator! I hope the other donor coordinator gets back from vacation soon.

    And I love doggy pictures – thanks for sharing! So cute. : )

  4. So i was just cracking up at your stick a cork in it comment. Worst part, I had that idea as I read the sentence before. I’m sooo happy things are scheduled.

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