The apointments

My appointment went okay. The RE came in and immediately began challenging my decision to do donor eggs which kind of put me off since we had discussed this before and he seemed positive about the idea. He kept asking me if I had thought of this or what if that happened, etc. I think he was just trying to make sure I had thought everything through, but apparently from the way he was acting the decision to use donor eggs is something people make lightly sometimes.

We then moved on to the topic of the donor and he isn’t thrilled with the idea of using my sister. He says people who use a known donor often don’t have as much success because they pick the donor based on other factors (ie emotional attachment) vs their ability to produce a lot of high quality eggs. After I gave him the info on my sis he backed down a little and admitted she sounds good on paper but warned me she could have the same problems as me. That her ability to get pregnant super fast might not mean she produces a high number off eggs. I told him that we understood that was a possibility and if her AFC and AMH didn’t look great we wouldn’t hesitate to pull the plug.

I then asked him point blank if he thought what we were doing was a good plan or not. He said he did think it was a good plan, that choosing donor eggs could increase our chances from 35% to 50-80% if we have a good donor, he is just concerned about using my sister. He wants us to prepare for the fact that she might not be suitable. He asked if we would be open to using an anonymous donor. I told him I don’t know. Choosing my sister as a donor feels like a small sacrifice (not a bio kid but still genetically related to me) for a big potential gain in number of embryos and overall increased chance of pregnancy. Choosing an anonymous donor would cost 5000 more and be a much bigger sacrifice for me. Right now we will wait for my sisters evaluation to come back and see what it says. She had her AMH drawn yesterday and will have her U/S and AFC next week. On the plus side, she didn’t change her mind after her consult so hooray for that!

Oh and I totally forgot to ask about the cervical dilations, crap!


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