The big appointment looms

The big appointment looms, we have our official donor egg consult on Tuesday. My sister has hers on Wednesday.  I am suddenly nervous that my sister wont be a suitable donor,, that they will find she is progressing down the same path as me and the only reason she is gotten pregnant so easily in the past is that she was younger. (It was only 14 months ago, but I am not being logical). I’m nervous to hear about how many cervical dilations I will need. I only did one last time and it was the most painful part of the whole IVF process hands down. My doc blamed my IVF failure on a difficult transfer due to sever cervical stenosis and apparently it closed back up between my dilation in April and my transfer in may. So this time he wants to do multiple dilations (I just don’t know how many “multiple” is).

I am planning on talking to him about immune testing because I have read that many women ho have multiple implantation failures often have natural killer cells or other over active immune system issues that can prevent implantation. I haven’t had multiple implantation failures, nor do I think I have any immune issues, I just don’t want to flush any more money down the IVF toilet with out making sure we have tested for everything. I want to go all out on this cycle to insure success. I don’t foresee any problem with talking my doc into additional tests, he is usually open to reasonable requests.

ACK! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. What does the future hold for this IVF cycle? Will it work, could it possible work?


4 thoughts on “The big appointment looms

  1. Just keep telling yourself it will work. I think there is some power in positive thinking. This is something I lacked in my last cycle.

    I’m hoping all of this is a smooth ride for you guys! I’m keeping you in my prayers.

    Ummm cervical dialations sound a lot like water boarding! Maybe drink a lot of tequila before you go to your appointments! Olé!

  2. I agree totally. Positive vibes all the way.

    I will be thinking about you. Good luck at the appointment, I hope it goes well.

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure it will go great. And I agree, “multiple cervical dilations” sounds like my own personal version of hell. Hopefully by “multiple” he means no more than 2! Yikes! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and Wednesday!

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