Smug Beagle Mom

Today I am feeling a bit smug. I noticed something was up with my dog Sprinkles this weekend. She was drinking a semi ridiculous amount of water and licking her lady zone an awful lot. I thought it might just be the weather but on monday she dribbled some pee on the floor while she was walking.

I called the vets office and spoke to a staff member and told them I was concerned about her having a urinary tract infection. (I love my vet but her staff is lackluster at best) i described her symptoms and was told she couldn’t possibly have a UTI because she wasn’t acting like she was having pain with urination. I got off the phone still feeling like something was wrong even though they didn’t agree.
I went downstairs and noticed their mixing bowl of water was already empty and refilled it. Sprinkles came and sucked down the entire bowl in one sitting. I called the vet and asked to speak to someone different and just made her an appointment.

The vet herself wasn’t that impressed with her symptoms but ran a test because I was concerned (getting a urine sample from a bratty beagle is ridiculous). Lo and behold the results are back today and she does have a UTI. My vet congratulated me for catching it so early, most dogs are in significant pain before they are brought in and often sick. She also mentioned how trim my dog was (beagles are notorious for ending up little sausage rolls) and how great her teeth looked. I left feeling like pet owner of the year.

Lately with my work struggles, 15 infertility pounds gained, and coming to terms with the fact that I am a Darwinian failure, my self esteem has taken a few hits lately. It’s good to feel proud of something. Now if only I could be proud of how well behaved my dogs were. Sigh, you can’t have it all



9 thoughts on “Smug Beagle Mom

  1. I think beagles are adorable. If I ever had a smaller dog than a collie, that is the sort I would go for.

    Well done for sticking to your guns, I bet sprinkles is relieved.

  2. Congrats on catching this! I too am a proud dog momma! I just love my pups, but it’s not for their good behavior. During this time off, I’ve been having entire conversations with my dogs. If I ask it in the right tone, they appear to be answering me. Have I lost my marbles? Quite possibly, yes!

    I hate when doctors/vets act like the patient doesn’t know what they are talking about. Their smugness makes me irate!

    Sprinkles is such a pretty girl (hopefully you read that in my dog talking voice)!

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