Beasts of the Southern Wild

So not much happening on the IF front except my sister wants me to reschedule one of her appointments. Almost cried but managed to hold it together. I also had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen since college and of course the subject of children came up. Since we had been very good friends I told her about the infertility/IVF stuff. According to her her sister went through infertility but now has 2 kids so everything worked out in the end, and she’s sure it will work out for me. In the interest of making conversation I asked what kind of treatments her sister used, her reply was OPK’s. You can imagine the response I wanted to give but I held my tongue. We are waiting to speak to an insurance person about the break in in my husbands car. The best part of the week was seeing the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.
The movie is about a 6 yo girl (the movie was also co wrote by a 6 yo girl) who lives on the bayou on a small island cut off from the mainland on the other side of a levee. Because of the levee her home is in constant danger of flooding. She lives with her father who is an alcoholic and is ill. Her mother is absent having one day gone for a swim never to return. The larger community is made up of fiercely independent, poorly educated, very self sufficient people, a good chunk of whom also seem to be alcoholics. Fairly early in the movie a massive storm rolls through and her her world is turned upside down.
The story is portrayed from the point of view of this little girl. It is sometimes disorganized, disorienting, and fantastical which the world of a 6 yo often is. It was raw and polished at the same time. The actress who played the little girl was so adorable she made my ovaries ache. I know that a major point of the movie was how resilient children are but I had an overwhelming maternal urge to scoop her up and protect her. To make her world safe.
I know there are children all over the world whose lives are precarious, whose parental protection is spotty at best, but there shouldn’t be. Children shouldn’t have to be that tough and independent. All children should be safe and protected and showered with love. That movie was wonderful but left me a little emotionally raw.


3 thoughts on “Beasts of the Southern Wild

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! You have the honor of being my first ever comment! It really is tough being the only infertile in a group of people. Other people want to be supportive but someone always ends up saying something more hurtful than helpful. I have read infertility blogs for a long time but never got around to creating my own. I’m so glad I did! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you as you head into this donor egg cycle. Oh, and I loved your line “she was so adorable she made my ovaries ache”, I haven’t heard that expression before but I totally know the feeling you are talking about!

    • I’m glad you understand that comment, I usually get a weird look when I say it! Some days it’s hard to keep my chin up, the online community has been very helpful

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