It begins

First of all Id like to wish donor sister a happy 27th  birthday, you’re not getting any younger, could you fix that?

So I spoke to the donor coordinator today. ACK! I already have a shit load of homework. I need a DEgg consult for me and Viking Pillager (how do you like my new blog name for the hubs? He has a hot blond beard, okay?) and one for my sister and her hubs (she cant do it with out him for some reason which pisses me off from a feminist point of view, shes not his bleeping property and does NOT need his permission!!!) Plus a psych eval for all of us (including her hubs, WTF?!?!) which apparently involves some 2 hour test for me at least (so now some one gets to judge my fitness to be a parent now? F-you, the universe has already done that, ps I failed). Then she needs tests to see if she has the same family curse as I do. The best part of this is I get to try and schedule all of this around 4 working adults complicated schedules. Who’s jealous? Add to that that I was up all night thinking of how much simpler our lives would be(and how much less financially screwed we would be) if I changed my mind and decided not to go through with all this and we stopped the fertility crap all together. I cant seem to shake this feeling of ambivalence.

On a side note I really liked the coordinator. Apparently she also has a family history of DOR/POF and passed it along to her daughters. She gets what I am going through and is really nice. I finally feel personally connected to SOMEONE in my REs office and that’s important to me. It has all seemed rather impersonal up to this point. You think if you pay someone huge sums of money for elective services they would  1. bother to remember you or your name or your medical history and 2. make an effort to be flexible around the job that lets me pay for all the services they provide. Already they refused to be flexible around my sisters work schedule for her initial consult, I mean shes the DONOR, her participation is voluntary, could you try and not scare her off?

Sigh I hate fertility treatment


3 thoughts on “It begins

  1. I had to do the psych tests too, it angered me so much! I have a cousin, who is a crackhead, true story, she has a child. How is this remotely fair? Also, did octomom have a psych test? Also, how did octomom get 8 of those little buggers to stick around and I can’t get one!?! I could keep going with these questions!

    I’m so happy you are in process of scheduling everything. It’s so exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. At some point, we will be blissfully happy, and look back on all of this and laugh. I’m wishing you smooth sailing!

  2. Holy bejeeze those are a lot of hurdles.

    You are a brave, brave lady. I bow in the shadow of your awesomeness (and your sisters).

    Soooo glad you have a person in the office that’s getting personal. Never understand how people can be SO formal and robotic when there are so many vaginas involved.

  3. Wow! I can’t believe how many hoops you have to jump through girl! I just never imagined it being like that…wow! you are way stronger and braver than me!
    Keep your head up and know that in the end, you’ll have your miracle baby!

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