Got to get it into gear

So looking at my calendar I realize that it has been 6 weeks since I found out IVF #1 failed. Wow, the time has flown by. The first few weeks passed in a depressed haze but the rest have been busy trying to catch back up with real life. We have been busy and productive but I haven’t done anything to get the donor cycle started except talk to my sister, take her up on her offer and give her a bunch of supplements (Vit D, Folic acid and Co Q 10).  I haven’t even made contact with the donor coordinator and it seems like October is right around the corner. My goal this week is to call the donor coordinator and schedule my first appointment with the IF counselor. Also this is the week where I work extra and have to watch my nephews ACK! Its going to be busy. 

On a side note I haven’t ovulated since IVF. My first cycle I didn’t and I don’t think its going to happen this time around either (stuff is usually happening by now). I had a few anovulatory cycles while TTC but never 2 in a row. I wonder if my body is resting since these are the first unmedicated cycles I’ve had all year or if its a sign of things progressing. Its probably too early to tell anything, but of course why would I let that stop me from freaking out?



4 thoughts on “Got to get it into gear

  1. You know, I feel the same way sometimes during this whole TTC situation. Wouldn’t you think time would just inch along and crawl by at a snail’s pace? But it really doesn’t. I think time is going by faster now than ever. Maybe it’s because I WANT time to be slower (those ovaries aren’t getting any younger!), but I kind of feel like the last year has been a blur!

  2. Agreed. Time is a blur. On one hand it’s been forever and full of awfulness and on the other hand I have somehow gotten 3 years older.. sheesh.

    You know.. I got a positive OPK last week (that would be my first post-IVF cycle) but I never had the crampy O feeling after (just a little before when they were still negative). so now I’m wondering if my body is taking a nap.

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