Hitting the gym

So I’ve started going to the gym again after not going since January. I honestly couldn’t cope the first month after our IF diagnosis and clomid made me so tired and feel like crap. We had been doing good with diet and exercise for the 6 months before that hoping to increase our odds of getting pregnant and part of me felt it was all for nothing and that our healthy choices wouldn’t make any difference. I adopted a to “hell with that” attitude and gave up.

I’ve done that all my life. I have periods in my life when I am super hardcore into diet and exercise and others where I was just the opposite (think candy for dinner or dinner licorice as I liked to call it). My goal is to finally break that cycle if possible. I’m putting it out on the Internet so maybe I’ll be more accountable I am going to exercise 6 times a week for a minimum of 30 min no matter what. No matter how bad I feel, even if I just go to the gym and stand on the treadmill. I’m going to continue to try and eat healthier too but I’ve always been better with the exercise do I’m going to focus on that first. Wish me luck


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