Im not just infertile, I am….

A Volkswagen enthusiast. My husband got me into them when we started dating. He had a 70 bug and shortly after we got married we adopted our first child a 72 VW bay window camper bus named Heinrich. “Heinrich the Hippy Bus” as my nephews call him. He is a union of my love of camping and the outdoors and my husbands love of cars.
Today we took him to his first show. He’s a work in progress and is more utilitarian than fancy, but he has a few unique features. One day when he’s done I’m sure he’ll be the coolest bus in any show. The show was fun and we saw some great cars (see pictures below) It was fun to take my mind off of fertility stuff for the day. I did burst into tears when I saw a newborn onesie with a 60’s split window bus on it because it’s exactly the kind of thing our kid would wear. But I quickly recovered and enjoyed the rest of the day. We were even interviewed for the local news so our baby bus may be on TV.

This is a picture of a D cab that looked like Filmore from the movie Cars. See further down for a picture of out bus.



2 thoughts on “Im not just infertile, I am….

  1. Hi there, I am stopping by from Lost and Found. Well done on taking the plunge into the bloggy world, I hope it helps you as much as it has me. I love the vans by the way! I would love a camper van, I fancy one with daisies, rainbows and CND signs painted all over it.

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