I found out today that our insurance has finally agreed to pay for the HSG I had in January. Our insurance doesn’t cover any infertility treatments but was supposed to cover any and all tests for the diagnosis of infertility. They have been great at covering all sorts of stuff like my CF carrier testing (my uncle died from CF), my cervix dilation procedure (not sure why) and my last visit to the RE to see if my IVF caused a cyst.

As far as I’m concerned these all had potential grounds for non coverage because they were defiantly related to my infertility treatment but for some reason the only thing they wouldn’t cover was my HSG, clearly a diagnostic procedure. My HSG cost 700 bucks.

My RE said my insurance felt it was actually treatment because of 1 study in the 60’s that showed a slightly increased chance of pregnancy so my insurance decided it was a treatment. Sigh.

Well 6 months later and several appeal letters they finally changed their mind. They are covering it and I no longer owe them 700 bucks! I am thrilled. The financial aspect of all of this has been the hardest. Sooo much money to gamble, because that’s all this really is. A gamble


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