What I hope to accomplish with my blog

Im hoping this blog will serve as my out let for all things fertility related and I can lead a more balanced life up to and during my DE cycle in october. There is so much that I have to do, not just to prepare for the cycle, we also have to get our bodies healthy again and finish some work on the house. I have also decided I want to go “all out” on this cycle so I’m looking into acupuncture, mind body stuff, basically anything I can think of thats not too crazy.

At first, before we found out that our IVF didnt work, we were planning to live several months baby and infertility free if the cycle didnt work. The purpose being to see if this life style suited us and to give us a mental break. As soon as we found out it as negative I knew I wasnt ready to stop trying. I wasnt sure about my husband because he seemed fully on board with the plan and it took me a whole week to get up the courage to tell him I wanted to plan on cycling again in October no matter what. Once we both agreed I was still hoping to use the next few months as a break, but I think using a “preparing for a baby” motivation will help us accomplish more things than a “returning to normal life” mind set. We shall see


2 thoughts on “What I hope to accomplish with my blog

  1. No one really knows this but our FET, donor embryos, is scheduled for oct! We will be cycling at the same time. I don’t know if you can see my email, but feel free to email me. It would be nice to have a buddy during all of it! I totally understand if not.

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