Why donor eggs

Sorry for 2 posts in one day but after I get through these lengthy introduction posts things will be a lot smoother on here.

After we told the family all 3 of my sisters immediately offered to donate eggs. My older sister who is 33 and has 4 kids, my younger sister who is 28 and has no kids (due to lack of interest) and my youngest who is 27 and is super fertile (got pregnant with her 2 kids the same month she stopped birth control). I was touched by my sisters offer my RE was optimistic we could get pregnant with our own eggs. Still I kept that option in the back of my mind and gave it a lot of thought.

Obviously we would use my youngest sister L’s eggs not just because she was the youngest and very fertile but because we were the closest. She was the only person in our family I told about TTC (we had tried to get pregnant together, but she left me in the dust) and my next door neighbor (she owns the other half of our town house). L had also apparently looked into egg donation when she was a starving student but had never actually done it. She had a pretty good idea of what the process entailed.

When our IVF cycle failed we met with our RE. He felt our yield of 2 high quality embryos was the best we could ever hope for. He said we would never get more due to my AMH and low antral follicle count. He also said its possible we might do worse on subsequent cycles. Each cycle would be a fresh cycle.

We had been counting on being able to freeze embryos for a possible sibling because my RE feels in a few years I won’t be a good IVF candidate. Also with my doses of meds a fresh cycle each time would be hugely expensive, let’s face it, we don’t know how many cycles it will take for success. A known donor cycle would be roughly the same cost because the donor would have a lot cheaper meds and increase our chances of having frozen embryos.

A donor egg cycle makes sense financially and I am not attached to the idea of using my eggs since my sister comes from the same gene pool. After talking it over with her it is our plan to go ahead with a donor egg cycle in October, only 3 months to prepare!


3 thoughts on “Why donor eggs

  1. Wow – your sisters are wonderful. I was diagnosed with POF in November (AMH .16) and my younger (and only) sister did not give the impression that it would be an option.

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